Delivering Debtor Documents to the trustee must be by email after January 1, 2011.

After January 1, 2011, for cases in which I am assigned the trustee ALL debtor documents MUST be sent by email attached with pdf files and not hard copies to reduce paper waste and for efficiency in reviewing the information.  Since filing electronically all the necessary hardware should be available for this purpose.

After January 1, 2011, please send all debtor documents by creating pdf files and emailing them to me not more than 14 days after the petition date as follows:
Scan and create pdf files of the following:

1.    Tax returns for the previous two years.
2.    Bank statements for the previous 3 months prior to the Bankruptcy Petition date on any account that the debtors have a signatory authority.
3.    Copies of  vehicle titles, including  autos, motorcycles, boats, off - road vehicles, or other vehicles, together with copies of the sales,  installment contract, note, security agreement, and any other contract showing the date of purchase.
4.    Copies of any deeds, mortgages or other types of titles of ownership of any real estate, including contract for deeds.
5.    Copies of any contracts which the debtor entered into with third parties, including contract for deeds.
6.    If a business is involved, a list of all inventory or other business assets.
7.    DSO Affidavit's.


These need to be sent as Adobe pdf files. Please also review the pdf files before sending to be sure they are correctly rotated and are legible. DSO affidavits must be correctly filled out. Create one pdf and put taxes in that pdf file, and one pdf file and put everything else in that pdf file.

Send ONE email only that contains both pdf files to the following and ONLY email address:

This email address will never change where I am the trustee. Note it is not the email address for any other trustee. Since most debtors have deeds, bank accounts and vehicles, and must file taxes, if the debtor does not have own any real property, bank accounts, vehicles, or is not required to file taxes, be sure to include a note in the email why they were not included. Please do not hit "reply" if you receive a request by email from the trustee; rather, send any email that relates to documents only to the above address.

Be sure to put the debtor(s) name, case no., and date of the 341 meeting in the subject line (example:  Smith, 10-12345 01-10-2010 1:30).

If you need help with PDF files regarding scanning, combining, reducing size, emailing or other issues, please review the information here.

The debtor has certain duties as set forth in Local Rule 4001 1-b.. Included is the requirement to provide DSO affidavits at least 14 days after the petition is filed. Do NOT file DSO's with the Court. See Local Rule 400-1 (b).  You may download the DSO affidavit(s) here in WordPerfect format. You should attach these as a pdf to the email with the other documents as set forth herein.
After January 1, 2011, hard copies will no longer be accepted, so please do NOT send any hard copies of documents. This change will also save considerable postage as well. If you need any assistance regarding scanning, hardware, Adobe Acrobat, combining pages for inclusion in a pdf file or anything else, please contact us. The implementation of this requirement should make it easier for you to provide the documents we need to investigate the debtor(s) financial affairs, and your help and cooperation is appreciated.
Let me know if you have any questions. It not only will make it easier for us to review the materials, but is more environmentally friendly as well.
Gerald R. Miller
Chapter 7 Trustee